Transform your property into a picturesque oasis with our comprehensive landscaping services at Greenwood Concrete & Excavation. Our skilled team specializes in a wide range of landscaping solutions to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.

Black Dirt Delivery

Ensure the success of your landscaping projects with premium-quality black dirt delivery. Our nutrient-rich soil is perfect for garden beds, lawns, and plant installation, providing the ideal foundation for healthy plant growth.

Seeding, Harley Raking, and Sod Installation

Transform your landscape into a vibrant oasis with our expert seeding, sod installation, and Harley raking services. Whether you’re establishing a new lawn or revitalizing existing turf, our team utilizes high-quality seed blends, premium sod, and specialized Harley raking equipment to ensure lush and healthy grass coverage. With our proven techniques, we promote optimal germination and rapid growth, saving you time and effort compared to traditional methods.

Stump Grinding

Remove unsightly tree stumps and roots from your property with our stump grinding services. Our advanced equipment efficiently grinds stumps below ground level, allowing for seamless landscaping and construction projects.

Hydroseeding and Erosion Prevention

Elevate your landscape’s health and beauty with our hydroseeding and erosion prevention services. With hydroseeding, we apply a nutrient-rich slurry mixture of seed, mulch, and fertilizer using specialized equipment, promoting rapid growth and preventing soil erosion on sloped and disturbed areas. Additionally, our erosion prevention measures include installing erosion control blankets and implementing bioengineering techniques to safeguard your landscape. Trust us to protect your property from erosion while fostering lush and sustainable growth, preserving its natural allure for years to come.

Finish Grading

Achieve a smooth and level surface for your landscaping projects with our finish grading services. Our skilled operators use precision grading equipment to create the ideal contours and slopes for optimal drainage aesthetics.

Fence Installation

Define boundaries and enhance privacy fences with our fence installation services. We offer a variety of fencing options to compliment your landscape and meet your security needs.