Greenwood Concrete & Excavation specializes in delivering top-quality site preparation solutions customized to your project’s needs. Our experienced team combines expertise with meticulous craftsmanship to provide durable, functional, and visually appealing surfaces that withstand the test of time.

Site Clearing and Grading

Preparing your site for construction is essential, and our team excels in site clearing and grading services. From initial surveys to clearing vegetation and leveling the terrain, we ensure a solid foundation for your project.

Excavation and Earthwork

Whether it’s digging trenches, creating drainage systems, or shaping the landscape, our excavation and earthwork services are executed with precision and efficiency. We handle every aspect of excavation to meet your project’s requirements.

Utility Installation

Proper utility installation is crucial for the functionality of your property. Our team specializes in installing water, sewer, and other utilities with accuracy and attention to detail, ensuring reliable infrastructure for your project.

Landscaping Preparation

Preparing your land for landscaping requires careful planning and execution. We offer services such as soil analysis, erosion control, and ground leveling to create the ideal canvas for your landscaping vision.